Re-branding Explanation

June 03, 2013 at 1:00 PM

The Club is Rebranding.

After 80 years Vauxhall Recreation Club has changed its identity to become Venue 360.

This historic decision was taken to dispel the common misconception in the community that the club is solely for the enjoyment of Vauxhall employees and their families. As most of our current users are aware this is no longer the case. However there still remains a significant proportion of the community that still view our facilities as an exclusive club that they cannot gain access to.

By rebranding we hope to send out a message that our award winning facilities are available for everyone to enjoy. This move will also enable us to continue to operate a thriving leisure operation during these challenging economic times.

Our new headline brand will encompass our existing four sub brands which have all become very successful in their own right over the years. They will all have their own identity which stems from the main logo (see top right of screen).

Questions and answers

When will the change take place?

The new brand will be officially launched on Tuesday 4th June by the Mayor.

Why change the name?

To send a clear message to the community that our facilities are not just for Vauxhall employees but for everyone to enjoy and also to lose the description of ‘recreation club’ which conveys an old fashion company sports and social club.

Has a new company taken over?

No, the Venue will be operated by the same staff and will be governed by the same board of directors.

Will the Venue remain non-profit making?

Yes, the company will remain ‘not for profit’ with all its surplus being re invested back into the business to support its vision of continual improvement.

What will change?

The signage to the front of our building will significantly change and will make a striking statement to the town in order to attract people’s attention.

Do I need to change any direct debit arrangements?

No, your instruction to your bank will remain in place except ’Venue 360’ will now appear on your statement.

How will you launch the new brand?

There will be a superb open day on Sunday June 30th (11am -4pm) with fun events for all the family including free live band, Climbing walls, free sports activities and coaching, assault courses, BBQ and much more. Click here to find out more.