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Frequently asked questions

Making a booking and payment couldn't be easier via our fantastic new online bookings system.

Bookings can be made on all platforms so feel free to make a booking on your laptop, tablet or smartphone (mobile optimised).

Frequently asked questions

How can I book an activity online?

You can book in person, on the phone or online. Members can book up to 14 days in advance for all sports and classess (Arena & Pro-zone 60 days). Regular non-members can request a PIN and can book 7 days in advance (Arena & Pro-zone 30 days). Both members and regular non-members must pay upon booking online.

Why book online?

Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, choosing to book online means you don't have to worry about phone queues at peak times or waiting for Venue 360's main reception to open (open for bookings from 8.30am each day). You can also manage all your bookings in one handy place and edit your personal details (including your email address and phone number) if they change.

What can I book online?

The following can all be booked and paid for online: exercise classes, squash & racketball courts, tennis courts, badminton, basketball, indoor cricket, volleyball, cricket nets, table tennis, netball, arena & pro-zone pitches

How do I book online?

Click on 'Book Now' and login online with an email address and PIN. Your email address must be the one that is on your current Venue 360 member record. Please check with reception that we have the correct email address – they can also supply your PIN number for you. For more information then click on our 'how to book' section or ask at our main reception.

What if I can't remember my PIN?

If you can't remember your PIN then either a) go to the login screen and click on 'forgotten your pin'. An email will then be sent to you to reset your PIN. or b) Contact reception in person or via telephone and they will issue you with a new PIN (proof of identity will be required).

I don't want to pay everytime I book

Online bookings must be paid for at the time of booking. If you are a member and do not want to pay before you play then you are welcome to book either in person or by calling our main reception on tel:01582 418873 (option 1). You then must pay before your booking commences. We feel that booking and paying online speeds up the process for you as a member and you will also then receive a confirmation email of your booking.

It says my booking is unconfirmed?

Any bookings showing as 'unconfirmed' in the manage bookings section means that you haven't yet paid for it and you must do so to secure your booking. There is a 20 minute holding time between making your booking and paying for it. After 20 minutes your booking will automatically be deleted and available for someone else to book and pay.

I didn't receive a bookings confirmation email?

Only bookings that are paid for (or zero amount) will receive a confirmation email. Remember, until you pay, your booking is unconfirmed and will automatically be deleted.

How to cancel online

Should you cancel your booking within the late cancellation period then you will be charged the full amount unless the slot is re-booked. Refunds for bookings already paid will be issued if cancelling outside of the cancellation period but this must be done by main reception and cannot be processed online. There are no refunds for no shows or late cancellations (see t&cs for late cancellation details). To cancel a booking simply click on 'manage bookings', click on the booking you want to cancel and then click on the dustbin and confirm to cancel. It is advised though that you cancel your paid booking via main reception where a refund is required.

It comes up with an error when I login?

If an error comes up when you login in then there could be various reasons for this e.g. your membership has expired, you have too many outstanding arrears to pay... Please contact reception and we will try and clear this up as soon as possible for you.

Why is it saying there are no slots available?

The main reason for this is simply that the slot has already been booked by someone else. If you are never able to book a particular day or time then it may be because there is a block booking in place. If ever in doubt then please feel free to query at our main reception on tel: 01582 418873 (option 1).

It only shows time slots for every other hour?

In the 'make a booking' section it just gives an overview of the time slots available to save scrolling down through every time slot. Therefore, if you are looking for 8pm and only 7 and 9pm are showing, please click on one of these as the 8pm slot will more than likely then show up.

Can I manage bookings I have made at reception?

Yes, any bookings made over the telephone or at main reception will also show up online under 'manage your bookings'. These bookings can also be cancelled or paid online.

How many activities can I book?

You are permitted to book one activity per time slot.

When exactly can I book 7 or 14 days in advance?

We unfortunately have no control over this, so you can literally book at midnight for 7 or 14 days in advance (or whatever your booking privilege is for that particular activity).

Payment is showing as owing but not sure what for?

The majority of payments owing in your basket are self explanatory but if there is a payment showing with no obvious explanation then this may be a charge for an exercise class no show or late cancellation charge? If you do not know what it is for then please contact reception on tel: 01582 418873 and they will look into this for you.

How do I book my free court for Lifelines members?

Lifelines members can book up to 2hrs in advance to receive free squash, badminton or outdoor tennis courts. These cannot unfortunately be booked online and must be booked either in person or by calling reception on 01582 418873 (option 1).

Paying for online bookings

Venue 360 uses WorldPay for all online transactions. You can pay for your online booking using your credit/debit card.

What if I book online but don't turn up?

Our terms and conditions state that members and non-members who book an activity but don't turn up, or who cancel late, will be charged at full cost unless the slot is rebooked. A refund will not be issued unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Can I get a refund online?

Refunds cannot be processed online. Please contact our main reception on tel: 01582 418873 (option 1) for a refund. It is advised that you do not cancel your booking online and let reception handle this and the refund when you call them or visit.

How do I update my contact details online?

Use the 'my details' tab at the top of the screen within the bookings website. Simply replace your email or contact number in the boxes provided and save.

Need more assistance?

As always, if you have any questions about bookings, cancellations or charges, staff at our main reception will be only to happy to help. Alternatively, you can take a look at our FAQs page, email: reception@venue360.co.uk or call reception on tel: 01582 418873 (option 1).

We are still very much open following the recent govt. announcements.
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A warm welcome and a professional, friendly approach. That’s what you experience every time you visit Venue 360. As Luton’s leading conference, events, fitness and leisure complex, Venue 360 has provided the local community with state-of-the-art facilities for just over 25 years now. 

As a non-profit organisation, all revenue is reinvested back into Venue 360, which allows us to continuously improve our facilities and update equipment in order to keep ourselves at the forefront of leisure, provide exceptional service and offer great value for money.

So if you are in the Luton, Dunstable, Harpenden or Hitchin area and looking for a great conference centre, party room, gym, exercise class, 3G football pitch or cafe bar, then Venue 360 is the place for you.

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