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Systems down


Sunday 1st October

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will unfortunately have no access to the internet on Sunday 1st October, whilst essential works are being carried out by BT from 7am to 7pm.

This therefore impacts our ability to operate as we would normally, so please note the following:

• Online bookings will not be able to be made from 9am on Saturday 30th September until 10pm on Sunday 1st October

• Whilst our internet is down, on the day bookings must be made by calling 01582 418873 (option 1)

• We are unable to take bookings in advance until our internet connection is restored

• There will be no Wi-Fi for members and customers whilst our internet connection is down

• We will post and let you know via our social media channels should our internet connection be restored sooner than expected

We apologise for this unavoidable inconvenience.


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