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If you’re looking for a great way to get fit, achieve your goals, have fun and socialise, Venue 360 is the place for you. Whatever sport you’re into, we have a wide range of sports and activities available for members and visitors to book.

Volleyball Players

sports available to book

Get ready to rally. We boast 8 badminton courts, 4 in the Sports hall and 4 in the indoor tennis. Suitable for singles or doubles play, Badminton is the ideal sport for those who like to be kept on their toes.
5 a side football
5 a side is perfect for players who like a fast tempo game. Matches are played with smaller regulation goals and play should adopt a below head height policy.
Cricket Nets
We boast 2 fully functioning lanes, complete with pull out nets and stumps.  A great venue for practicing through the dark, winter months to prepare for the cricket season. 
Not wanting the nets?  We can arrange a mat in the middle of the hall where you can play kwik cricket (terms and conditions apply).
Tournament venue available at weekends, please contact Marc Carter on 01582 748232 for more details.
Choose from a full, half or a quarter court, whatever your numbers we have a court size to suit you.  We are the home venue for the Bedfordshire University teams.
For casual play this is a great team building sport and great fun for all.  Ideally suited for 6 players on each side, the court comes with a net height adjuster to suit any standard.
Martial Arts
Looking for a new venue for your class why not contact us to see if we can help you?  Quarter and half hall options available for hire.  Contact main reception for more details.
We also host various tournaments at competitive prices, for more information contact Marc Carter on 01582 748232.
Krusader (Martial Arts and Self Protection) and Tae Kwon Do both take place here at Venue 360.
See our activity clubs section for further details.
Table Tennis
Available for either singles or doubles we have 6 tables available for hire.  We also have a thriving table tennis club you could join - click here for further details.
Are you looking for somewhere to train?  We have a full size indoor court complete with posts and viewing area.
Handyman on the Phone


Booking the sports hall can be done over the phone, in person at our main reception or online via a phone, laptop or tablet using our online booking system.
To book over the phone, call us on Tel: 01582 418873 (option 1). Members can book at reception or over the phone without paying there and then. Non-members will need to pay upon booking. Please read our booking t&c's further down this page.
To book online, you need to obtain you unique booking pin from our main reception. You are then free to book and pay as much as want, whenever you want. Please note that all online bookings must be paid for at the time of booking.
Contact reception today to obtain your booking pin or Please click below to book online and read our booking t&c's before making your booking.
Shuttlecock & Racket

price tariff

ACTIVITY SESSION  **Session = 55mins
Member / Visitor
Peak £12.35 / £14.85
Off-Peak £9.55 / £11.90
Table Tennis
Peak £12.35 / £14.85
Off-Peak £9.55 / £11.90
Volley Ball (50mins)
Peak £38.90 / £48.45
Off-Peak £31.05 / £44.00
Peak £50.00 / £62.65
Off-Peak £41.20 / £55.40


Peak £50.00 / £62.65

Off-Peak £41.20 / £55.40


Peak £50.00 / £62.65

Off-Peak £41.20 / £55.40


Basketball                                   Peak £50.00 / £62.65

Off-Peak £41.20 / £55.40


Basketball 1/2 Hall

Peak £25.00 / £32.55

Off-Peak £20.70 / £29.50

Basketball 1/4 Hall

Peak £12.35 / £14.85
Off-Peak £9.55 / £11.90


Indoor Cricket Nets (50 mins)

Peak £50.00 / £62.65

Off-Peak £41.20 / £55.40

Working Cafe

general booking info

Booking Information

​Booking any facility couldn’t be easier. Reservations can be made online 24hrs a day or over the phone or at our reception desk at any time between 8.30am – 10pm Monday – Sunday.

Memberships are non-transferable and members may only book on their own membership.

Sports Members - may pre book facilities up to 14 days in advance at member rates (Pro-Zones - 60 days)

Racket Members - may pre book squash, badminton and tennis facilities up to 7 days in advance at member rates.

Racket Members – may pre book all other facilities up to 7 days in advance at non-member rates (Pro-Zones - 30 days)

Non-members – may pre book facilities up to 7 days in advance at non-member rates (Pro-Zones - 30 days)

Members will benefit from concessionary tariffs.  For members and non-members prices see price tariff.

Online Bookings

If you are a member or regular non-member, you are able to book and pay online for all your favourite sports or classes.

The same booking rules apply, however online bookings must be paid for at the time of booking or the booking will just drop off after 10mins. 

Please ask at reception for more details and to obtain your login details.

Once you have your login details, click HERE to start booking online.

Bookings Hotline 01582 418873 (option1)

Telephone credit card payments accepted.

Telephone calls maybe recorded from time to time. 

Cancellation policy

If for any reason you wish to cancel a booking we ask that you do so by leaving two clear calendar days between the day of cancelation and the day of play.(I.e. to cancel a booking for Thursday 8pm you must telephone by Tuesday at 8pm.)

7 days notice is required for Pro-Zone bookings. (24 hours notice if booked within 7 days) 

Bookings cancelled without sufficient notice will be charged at the full cost if the booking slot is not re-sold.


Members do not have to pay until the day of their booking (unless booking online) but they must pay before their booking starts.

Non-members must pay upon booking unless the booking is within two hours of its start time.


Don’t have all your own equipment? Don’t worry. Equipment such as badminton and squash rackets, footballs and basketballs are available for a nominal hire charge. We also sell squash balls, tennis balls, table tennis balls, shuttle cocks etc. 

Your membership card may be used as a deposit for equipment hire.