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February Venue Circular!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Welcome to our latest newsletter!

Venue Circular - newsletter - FEB 23 v4 small
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February Venue Circular is full of forthcoming news and events occurring at Venue 360.

This month you can read about:

  • Lifelines Official Opening Members are delighted with their new look gym!

  • Bring Your Event to Venue 360 Experts in weddings and celebrations

  • Environmentally Friendly Bar One of the top in the UK

  • Tchoukball Comes to Town A new sport for Venue 360

  • Another Fantastic Christmas!

  • Jacket Potatoes are Back!

  • Russell Rides for Charity

  • January Challenge

  • And the winner of the FREE 6-MONTH Lifelines membership is....

  • Class Information

  • Online Bookings


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