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New spin bikes coming soon!

Our instructors are as excited as we hope you will be, that we have placed an order for 10 new indoor bikes and they are due at the end of May.

Our studio cycling classes have been hugely popular over the years and these industry leading Keiser bikes will be a real treat for existing and future participants. Keiser are hugely proud of the engineering and design that has gone into these bikes and have thought of everything to achieve a true road bike experience for all shapes and sizes.

Their V-shape frame design allows the bike to mimic different road-bike frames by allowing the seat and handlebars to be simply raised in conjunction with one another to adjust for longer legs, torsos and arms.

A big improvement that members will also notice and enjoy is the Bluetooth digital console which displays your cadence (rpm), power, Kcals, heart rate (when connected to a heart rate band), ride time and more. This information will not only improve the way a class is held but it will also give you that vital output information to feed back into your own mobile phone health data.

With our classes being hugely popular we advise to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Click here to view our current timetable and to book.


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