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Venue Circular is back!

Welcome to our latest latest newsletter

- October 2021

Full of the usual good quality content and offers, but now with brand NEW DESIGN!

Venue Circular is full of forthcoming news and events occurring at Venue 360.

This month you can read about:

  • Tennis court surface refurbishment

  • Bring a friend to selected classes for FREE during October

  • Bowls land update

  • Food is back!

  • Newest staff members - Welcome to Terrie, Lisa and everyone else joining us!

  • Christmas Party Information

  • Meet our New Eco-Friendly Cups and all other updates in balcony cafe bar!

  • Win a FREE lifelines t-shirt in our latest monthly competition!

  • Why Mira loved having her fitness MOT done and how you could do the same!

  • Job Vacancies

  • Children Summer Activities re-cap



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