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Heineken Silver Offer - only £3.50 per pint!

Make the most of the sunshine and relax outside on our balcony with a cool and refreshing pint of Heineken Silver. Heineken Silver is selling at this amazing offer price of £3.50 per pint whilst stocks last, don't miss out!

Extra Refreshing Taste.

Heineken® Silver is our new, extra-refreshing and premium lager which is lagered at -1°C for a crisp flavour and subtle finish. Made with natural ingredients, and at 4% ABV, Heineken® Silver delivers a balanced profile and smooth taste, we know you will love.

Crisp Flavour.

Heineken® Silver is lagered at an ice-cold temperature of -1°C for an extra refreshing taste.

Subtle Finish.

Heineken® Silver has a smooth and refreshing finish, with a fruity aroma and balanced, bitterness at 4% ABV.

Natural Ingredients.

Heineken® Silver has been brewed with craftmanship to have star quality, natural ingredients, Heineken’s famous A-yeast and pure malt, as well as sustainably sourced barley that supports Heineken’s wider commitments to Brew a Better World.

18 plus only. Please drink responsibly.


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