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March Venue Circular!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Welcome to our latest newsletter!

Venue Circular - newsletter - MARCH 23 v3
Download PDF • 4.28MB

MarchVenue Circular is full of forthcoming news and events occurring at Venue 360.

This month you can read about:

  • Lifelines changing room refurbishment underway!

  • Heart rates when training How do I know if it is too high?

  • Shining the spotlight On one of our favourite suppliers

  • All change in leisure Well done Georgia, Clare and Cora

  • Venue 360 Staff Christmas Party…in February!

  • Chrissie is off to prison Not what your thinking

  • Congratulations to Terrie on her appointment as Hospitality Manager!

  • New job opportunity….

  • Welcome Daniela

  • Winner of February Challenge

  • Russell’s sponsored spin!

  • March Challenge

  • Football tournament fundraiser

  • New bookings and online joining system


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