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Radio 1 Big Weekend - No Parking

We hope that many of you were able to obtain tickets and are looking forward to the Radio 1 Big Weekend.

Please note. To protect our own members / customers playing sports, visiting the gym,  attending a wedding reception etc… our car park will not be able to be used for parking and attending the music event. Your car will be ticketed if left here and a £100 penalty charge applied.

Our gates will also be locked each night (earlier than the event finish time) until the following morning, so you will not be able to retrieve your car.

Radio 1 Big Weekend News for Venue 360 customers

We have been in touch with LBC and attended their public meeting and we can confirm that they have assured us that Gipsy lane will remain open throughout the music event so we look forward to seeing you here as normal.

Due to road closures elsewhere, they have advised that traffic maybe busier than normal, so please allow additional time for travelling here. 

For further information on the Big Weekend itself, see links below:

Road Closures Map

Map correct as of 15th April 2024


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