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Saturday morning kids football

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Saturday Morning Football in partnership with J&R Coaching

J&R Coaches now leading Kids Saturday morning football session

Our Saturday morning football sessions have been extremely popular and successful for many years now, but due to the increasing numbers in our 6-8 years category, we have decided to change the format slightly, plus make our links with J&R Coaching more official.

To ensure that our younger age groups get consistent and progressive coaching, we are also making these sessions, 6-week courses and advance booking only. This will mean that the coaches will be able to plan a different topic session each week, knowing who and how many players will be attending.

The 8-12 year olds session will remain as pay as you go and booked weekly, albeit now starting at 11am each week.

The younger groups will be lead by a J&R Coach every week, with Venue 360 staff assisting these sessions but also running the later older session.


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